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The NSERC CREATE Mine of Knowledge is an interdisciplinary training program, in a multi-institutional setup designed to train highly qualified individuals capable of fulfilling the demands of the mining industry in the field of technological innovation and environmental management. Canadian mining industry represents nearly 5% of the national GDP and remains a world leader in the fields of environmental management. This program will allow the maintenance of this leadership and will support the increase in competitiveness, which will ensure the continued success of the Canadian mining industries.

Heavy equipment inside an open pit mine
Research laboratory

The program Mine of Knowledge links seven research institutions (University of Montreal, INRS, Laurentian University, University of Ottawa, Queens University, McGill University and McMaster University) and industrial partners of the mining sector. The professors involved have complementary expertise in the field of environmental chemistry, mineralogy of the mining residues, geochemistry and ecotoxicology. There is an increasing overlap associated with expansion of mining activities into the Canadian North, between Canadian mining activities and First Nations communities. Mine of Knowledge will emphasize First Nations representation and involvement.

Inukshuk « The North’s rapidly growing extractive industry is driving prosperity and creating demand for local skilled workers. »

- Prime Minister Stephen Harper, The Globe and Mail, 20 August 2013

Photo : Inukshuk at the top of Whistler Peak in British Columbia, Canada.